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Ink drawing by Eli Knittelfelder

by Eli Knittelfelder

As we dance through our lives, as we dance to get to know each other, we visit each other s bodies and each other s minds and leave traces on each other s maps, sometimes on places we didn t even know existed.

Stories to tell. stories to remember. stories to relive. stories that keep us alive.

Stories that are the world.

Eli Knittelfelder is a visual artist, painter and storyteller.

Born 1988 in rural Austria, Elisabeth (Eli) Knittelfelder has thrived on stories – be it in the form of the narratives of her family, in the form of music, in literature, or in visual arts.

She has studied english literature in graz and cape town and currently works on cruelty in contemporary anglophone drama.

Painting and literature are just different mediums of storytelling.

She loves the beauty in the ordinary, the exceptional in everyday life finding her motifs in the grand simplicity of gestures of awareness, curiosity, compassion and kindness.  likewise, she uses materials that merge the extraordinary and the mundane, found or discarded objects such as wood, cardboard, press board or street maps, and tells stories on them with ink, charcoal, oil and crayon.

Photograph taken in Cape Town 2018

Photograph taken in Cape Town 2018









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