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Fleisch III Eli Knittelfelder

by Eli Knittelfelder

„Yossarian was cold, too, and shivering uncontrollably. he felt goose pimples clacking all over him as he gazed down despondently at the grim secret snowden had spilled all over the messy floor. it was easy to read the message in his entrails. man was matter, that was snowden s secret. drop him out a window and he ll fall. set fire to him and he ll burn. bury him and he ll rot, like other kinds of garbage. the spirit gone, man is garbage. that was snowden s secret. ripeness was all.“ (joseph heller, catch-22 554)

Man is matter. matter is energy. there is no accurate english equivalent to the german term FLEISCH. fleisch is meat. fleisch is flesh. fleisch is body. human body. animal body. there is no distinction. the term fleisch does not differentiate between species. man is matter. animal is matter. land is matter. sea is matter. matter is energy. that is the law of nature.

Material: oil on natural linen or canvas.



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